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Author Topic: Virus response  (Read 1078 times)
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« on: August 22, 2009, 12:03:39 PM »

Ok... Trojan response. I was going to put this in "name and shame" instead of here, but the shameful response came from a customer service type ("Diana") rather than the marketer himself.

I clicked the link in an email (from a known marketer) And ended up with a warning that the page in question contained the all too familiar iFrame trojan (which has hit some of my sites in the past), one which many antivirus programs miss for some reason. I used a couple of tools to look at the (client side) source code, and recognized the alien code in the usual place.

I emailed the customer service address, telling them what and where the problem was.

Incredibly, the response suggested that I turn off my virus protection and access the site again! I (carefully) checked the site again from time to time, and it was almost a week before the alien code was removed. I shudder to think how many customers were infected in that time. And that there was no apparent effort to warn such customers about the problem.


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